Thursday, May 3, 2012

Roll 'em, Flip 'em, Replace 'em, Don't Replace 'em

It's been Probability Week!  I've been used to beginning the year with probability and this year I had to wait until the very last unit.  Oh yes, you heard correctly.  As of tomorrow, we are officially done with our curriculum.  After this, we will review for the Virginia SOL and then do some exciting projects after the assessment.

We began the week reviewing simple probability.  We created this "mixed media" (if it's even worth being called that) notes sheet with a small foldable and other important information about probability.

{notes sheet}

{foldable--up close--outside}

{foldable-up close--outside}

After we had reminded ourselves about the basics of probability we moved into distinguishing between independent and dependent events, and then ultimately between simple and compound events.

{notes sheet}

{foldable--up close--outside}

{foldable--up close--inside}

By today, students could find the probability of any simple or compound event, independent or dependent!  I am very proud of how much they have learned this week.  I know they will do well on their quiz tomorrow!

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