Handmade Gifts for Students

EOY Student Gift 2012

I always like to make my students an end of the year gift.  This year, I made them bookmarks with images and sayings that would remind them of our class (a collage on the front).  I felt I just HAD to include a foldable on the bookmark, otherwise it just wouldn't symbolize our year, so that, along with a personal message went on the back.  We were given the go ahead to tell our kids their SOL scores right as I was making the bookmarks, so I decided to hide their scores inside the foldable, which was probably more or less the reason they wanted the bookmarks, not the fact that I spent hours putting them together :-)  Hehe--just kidding, well, maybe not :-)  This was a time consuming project, but well worth it.  My kids were appreciative and they were super cute too!

{sorry about the terrible picture quality}

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