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EOY T-shirt Design Project

I am famous for wearing handmade math t-shirts and I thought, what better way to see what my students really learned this year than to ask them to design their own math t-shirts?!  The coolest part of this project was to see what had 'stuck' with the kiddos and also, they expanded their minds and created math t-shirts, math socks,  math pillowcases, and more!  I think that I will plan on doing this project each year after the state test.  Take a look at some of these awesome products...

{DISTRIBUTE the ball--distributive property)

 {love this one!}
 (the 'haircut thing'--i refer to this all throughout the year to remind students that what you do to one side of an equation you must do to the other side or what you do to the numerator to simplify you must also do to the denominator or what you do to one number in a ratio, you must do to the other number~adore the fact that she captured this saying on socks.  I only wish you could have seen her with them on drawing on them and spray painting!}

 {KFC~Keep Flip Change~the saying they used to remind them how to divide fractions}
 {Zap!  Zoom!  Boom!  Bam!  Negative 3 and Positive 3 make each other POOF! go away~ZERO PAIRS!}
My heart practically melted on the last day of school because a good majority of my kids organized themselves to wear their math t-shirts together on the last day.  PRECIOUS!  :-)

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