Sunday, January 6, 2013

creative block

i have been experiencing creator's block here lately.  I spent my saturday night before returning to school trying to figure out a foldable for the introduction to integers.  The problem with teaching 6th grade in Virginia (i'm sure i've mentioned this before) is that you are required to teach certain concepts which lends itself beautifully to other concepts but you rarely have the time to go into the depth that you would like.  Let me clarify....we are required to introduce integers and by definition it makes sense to talk about the real number system, but we do not have the time nor do the kids have enough mathematical background knowledge to grasp the entire real number system and how the subsets relate to one another.

nonetheless, I think i created a foldable for us to use at the end of the week once we have defined integers, compared and ordered integers, defined 'opposite' and 'absolute value' and also introduced 'zero pairs.'

I will post pictures later this week once i have created my final draft.

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