Monday, March 26, 2012

best way to store foldables

I am pretty sure this is the reason I took a vacation from foldables in the first place...I had no idea what the best way to have the kids store them.

We are making out okay currently by copying a sheet with a header on it and having the kids glue the foldable to it. From there, they add the page to their 3 ring binder with the rest of their math stuff.

I MIGHT (notice the emphasis on 'might') have come up with a solution for random, vulnerable foldables for the future. I am trying it out with the students I am tutoring before and after school. Rather than adding the foldables to a sheet of paper, we are gluing/taping them into a composition book, hence creating a customized, unique math textbook that can be used as a reference for this year and beyond. I wish I had thought of it earlier, but now I have the time to try it out with tutoring and hopefully identify any glitches prior to implementing the idea with close to 100 kids.

Any thoughts are welcome.


  1. Just wanted you to know that I AM reading this...kinda fun and I find myself saying...oh yeah...i remember why we did that! Thanks for letting me be a witness of your reflection...really awesome!

  2. Check out She used to teach fourth grade and would have her students do math notebooking (incorporating foldables). They used composition notebooks and she used a rubric with it as well as something the students had to sign saying they would do what they were supposed to do with the notebook.