Sunday, March 18, 2012

foldables are like chocolate...

you can get careful!

foldables have been my answer to everything here lately. i think i might need an intervention.

it all started years ago when i was introduced to them and i have to say, i've been a very sporadic foldable user since until about 2 months ago and now i just can't get enough.

i can barely go a day without using one.

like i said...i need an intervention.

since i've been using them so often, i figured i could use a place to document them, so here i am, starting another blog i more than likely won't keep up with, but whatever...story of my life!


  1. And I (and all of our students) benefit from your crack addiction :).

  2. I AGREE!!!!! As of this year, I am addicted to foldables (and to your blog) - could you add a way for me to follow you by email (so that I get all of your posts to my email?) Pretty please?? :)

    1. you just made my day. sorry i haven't posted anything recently. Look for updates coming soon.